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Water Safety and Sampling

Water Safety and Sampling

From straight forward drinking water sampling and inspection services to detailed chemical analysis of water systems and processes ClearPoint Safety are ready to deliver a supportive service that will allow you to make informed decisions about your water supply or system.

Homeowners using wells, springs or cisterns as their water supply should consider having their water tested routinely.

  • Unlike public water systems, private water supply testing is the voluntary responsibility of the homeowner. There are no government agencies or programs that routinely test private water systems for homeowners.
  • Surveys indicate that about half of the private water supplies have never been tested.
  • Additional studies have found that about 50 percent of private water systems fail at least one drinking water standard.
  • Many pollutants found in private water systems have no obvious symptoms and can only be detected through laboratory testing.
  • Water testing is generally economical and convenient with many testing laboratories located throughout the state.
  • Water testing provides vital information to document the quality of your drinking water. Data from previous tests may be necessary if you ever need to prove in court that a nearby land use has damaged your drinking water quality.
  • The only way homeowners can be certain that their water is safe to drink is to have the water tested periodically.
  • Tests to Have Done Routinely

Private water supplies should be tested every year for total coliform bacteria and E. coli bacteria. Coliform bacteria which includes a large group of many types of bacteria that occur throughout the environment. They are common in soil and surface water and may even occur on your skin. Large numbers of certain kinds of coliform bacteria can also be found in waste from humans and animals. Most types of coliform bacteria are harmless to humans, but some can cause mild illnesses and a few can lead to serious waterborne diseases.

Legionella bacteria are widespread in natural water systems, e.g. rivers and ponds. However, the conditions are rarely right for people to catch the disease from these sources. Outbreaks of the illness occur from exposure to legionella growing in purpose-built systems where water is maintained at a temperature high enough to encourage growth, e.g. cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools used in all sorts of premises work and domestic.

At ClearPoint safety we take water samples and send them to laboratories to be tested.

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