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Water Safety Products


A Lifebuoy is usually a ring or horseshoe-shape and has a connecting line allowing the casualty to be pulled to the rescuer in a boat. They can be carried by boats and are also located beside bodies of water (such as a riverside) that have the depth or potential to drown someone.

Lifebuoys 24 & 30-inch Life Rings

Lifebuoys 24 & 30-inch Life Rings

Lifebuoys for water and marine rescue are available in two sizes. The 24" Life Ring is lighter and easier to deploy and is ideally suited for Rivers, Lakes and Canals or Shelving beaches where the buoy will need to be thrown. This lifebuoy is used by Local and River authorities and all kinds of personal and commercial uses. - Available with or without SOLAS reflective tape - Reflective tape aids night time recovery.

30" Diameter SOLAS / Ships Wheel approved Lifebuoy these life rings are more suited where there is a straight drop between the rescuer and casualty such as Docks, Piers, Harbours, and Boats or where there may be multiple casualties and additional buoyancy is required. Our lifebuoys are foam filled to prevent water entering.

To enable the retrieval of the lifebuoy we recommend a throwline. either a loose 30m floating line or an encapsulated line that fits neatly inside the lifebuoy.

Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet

Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet

Lifebuoy Housing - These cabinets are suitable for 30" & 24" Life Rings

Our lifebuoy cabinet is tough and secure moulded in bright orange polyethylene for wall, rail or post mounting. They can be wall or rail mounted or supplied with a galvanised mounting post. (Available with an optional enclosed cover)

Encapsulated Throw Line for Lifebuoys

Encapsulated Throw Line for Lifebuoys

Floating throw line (Perry line) encased in plastic container that fits neatly into the internal diameter of the lifebuoy.

This throwline is recommended for 24" & 30" lifebuoys. A neat solution to aid retrieval of the life ring that prevents dangling rope and unwanted interference. Available in two sizes -

For 24" Lifebuoys - Contains 20 meters of floating line
For 30" Lifebuoys - Contains 30 meters of floating line
Each throw line has instruction label attached.

Stainless Steel Lifebuoy Mounting Hook

Stainless Steel Lifebuoy Mounting Hook

A simple lifebuoy support with two holes for post mounting. They are suitable for 24" & 30" Lifebuoys.

SOLAS Adhesive Reflective Tape

SOLAS Adhesive Reflective Tape (1mtr x 50mm)

Retro reflective tape - SOLAS approved high performance tape for marine applications such as life rafts, lifejackets, lifebuoys etc. 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material – SOLAS Grade 3150-A flexible sheeting. It has an encapsulated lens optical design that provides high retro reflectivity over a wide range of extreme angles, and performs well in marine applications whether wet or dry.

Specifically designed for use in harsh environments which include continuous immersion in sea water and extreme temperatures. Single layer construction for durability, abrasion resistance and flexibility. Sold by the metre.

No risk of water penetration.

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